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Ten steps to take to get, and stay rich in the earliest stage of your career.

Maybe the future is not THAT far away… IXION Windowless Jet Concept


Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

A timelapse video of how wonderful this city has become.

I can’t believe I lived in this place. Mission accomplished. Happiness succeeded! This place is awesome! I’m awesome!


" Being away for a while, but I promise to keep posting new stuff. "

- BTW, I’ll limit the girls posts to keep away all perverted followers.

Ok, throw me the ball but I won’t let you grab it, but I want you to throw me the ball again… Dogs’ logic. What’s not to love about them?

Our dear robin, called Mali, joins again for a sociable gathering @ Malinalco with family and friends during a nice time in spring.

This is simply amazing!

Sensational video art display fusing break dance, dark photography, custom rhythm, and a touch of innovative animation…

Polished friendly colors contrast

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Los jerseys de los Pumas de la UNAM para la temporada 2013-14.
UNAM Pumas jerseys, season 2013-14

Equipo de la Liga Mexicana de Fútbol, afiliado a la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.
Team playing for the Mexican Football League, afiliated to the Universidad Autónoma de México

Si les interesa adquirirla, compren aqui

Tom Brady, nfl star, sports savvy and proper fashionista.

Almost at the end of the first half, Patriots v Bills @ Buffalo (17-14). First game of the season for my Pats, full of mistakes from both sides, but still a enjoyable game. Summary by Sports Illustrated

Eric Clapton delights us with a heavenly and romantic composition which I believe to be way better than the original record. Guess this one is a perfect match for a wedding ballad. A woman that perfect deserves to be praised by his man. And I believe it matches some of the things I believe a woman must have to deserve anything she wants.


It’s late in the evening 
She’s wonderin’ what clothes to wear 
She puts on her make-up 
And brushes her long blonde hair 

And then she asks me, “Do I look all right?” 
And I say yes, you look wonderful tonight 

We go to a party 
And everyone turns to see 
This beautiful lady 
walkin around with me 

And then she asks me, “Do you feel all right?” 
And I say yes, I feel wonderful tonight 

I feel wonderful because I see the love light in your eyes 
And the wonder of it all is that you just don’t realize how much I love you 

It’s time to go home now 
And I’ve got an achin’ head 
So I give her the car keys 
And she’ll help me to bed 

And then I tell her 
As I turn out the light 
I say my darlin’, you were wonderful tonight 
Oh, my darlin, you were wonderful tonight

Given that the main theme of the Super Bowl (XLVIII), it seemed the NFL would stick with the theme and pick a halftime act from the area…